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Unified Communications

Unified communications – allowing company-wide collaboration across all devices.

Whether you are looking for on-premises or off-premises (cloud) communications, unified communications can streamline your voice, mobile, video conferencing, chat, desktop & file sharing services on a single web browser interface that works on any windows or MAC device.

Avandda Unified Communications will manage as many users as there are employees in your company. Our collaboration system is entirely accessible via your web browser, without installing any client software, and works on any operating system or device.  A single user interface for any type of internal and external all media communications.

5 key advantages of Avandda Unified Communications:

Apps for Smartphones: Extend UC&C features to personally owned mobile devices (iOS, Android)

Web Based: Direct access to collaboration and management interface.

Compatibility: No client to install. Compatible with Mac OS / Windows / Linux.

WebRTC Fully Integrated: Direct customer interaction (Chat, voice, video) through your website.

5 years warranty: No spare parts issues. 5 years warranty on all products.

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unified communications solutionUnified communications – everything in one place

  • One place to manage all voice calls regardless of telephony device or user location
  • One place to share desktops and exchange files with colleagues, clients and workforce
  • One place for 121 or Group video conferences with colleagues, clients and workforce
  • One place to manage all of your contacts from all of your databases
  • One place for corporate chat with one or multiple colleagues and external contacts were applicable
  • One place for SMS or FAX Messaging direct from the desktop or via your CRM
  • One place for business reporting for all lines, calls, users and departments

Video Conference


Geo Location


File Sharing

Chat Messaging


Desktop Sharing

Shared Phonebook

Call Recording & Reporting

VOIP phone

Collaboration web interface offers a customisable view of colleagues, grouped by work teams, and provides real time presence information of users, so you can see coleagues status, make voice or video calls or request a call back when not available.

One click is enough to start communication with a colleague.


  • Secure communication / advanced encryption
  • Click2Call
  • Active device selection for call reception / call generation
  • Audio conference
  • WebRTC video conferencing Integrated Softphone
  • Place a call / Hang up / Answer a call / Hold / Mute/ Conference / Blind and attended call transfer
  • Call recording
  • Visualisation of caller name / number

Chat messaging

Team chat merge multiple collaboration features into a single web and mobile application. Team chat software includes:

  • Persistent chat
  • Mobile chat with access to colleagues’ phonebooks
  • File Sharing within the chat window.


  • Send/Receive files through your chat window
  • Presence status (Online / Offline)
  • User-defined status (DND / Absent) and status message
  • Multi user chat
  • Personal image of users

Video conference

Finally, there is a turnkey video conferencing system right at your desk. No need to go to the conference room, no need to install any additional hardware or software components.

Users can start a video conference right from the Collaboration web interface and can invite their colleagues or external users at any time.

External users receive an email invitation and can join the conference by clicking on a link. It is also possible to access a conference in audio-only mode by calling a phone number.

  • Share your desktop, documents and applications
  • Schedule the conference (synced with Google and Outlook calendars) and receive a reminder via email
  • Record video conference, including audio, video and desktop sharing
  • Share a link with other participants to work together on a document or inside an application
  • Reporting and analysis of videoconferencing sessions

SMS messaging, unified communications

SMS messaging

SMS Sender allows you to withdraw a list of users from any ODBC data source to send a text message through the system gateway at a predetermined time.

It also allows you to send the log of operations to a specified email address, including a *.csv file with the list of contacts to whom the SMS has been sent and to whom, on the contrary, the system failed to send the message.

  • The software is auto-running in the background so always available and easy to access.
  • Import contact from any ODBC source base and it will be available on all connected devices.
  • Ability to send a copy of text messages or summary to email.
  • Possibility to schedule SMS sending after specific time.


geo-location, unified communications

Geolocation is a valuable application that uses GPS capabilities to allow workers to track and analyse customer locations, generate leads, target offers, and collaborate with team members easily on the fly using the most appropriate tool.

How to incorporate Geolocation into your collaboration solution?

  • Navigating, Tracking and Analysing Business.
  • Geolocation app can help with Lead-Generation activities using data with geographic elements to customise offers based on customer behaviour.
  • Targeted offers based on targeted people location, such as when they pass a shop or within a certain radius.
  • Improved Collaboration.

Desktop sharing

Desktop sharing allows remote access and remote collaboration on a person’s computer through a graphical Terminal emulator. The most common two scenarios for desktop sharing are: Remote login. Real-time collaboration.


  • Full access with option to remotely control other PC’s
  • Display presentations/projects while conferencing with clients
  • Switch between multiple monitors during a remote session
  • Screen share when video conferencing
  • Avoids the need to sign into a separate, Web-based screen sharing application
  • Best screen quality, high speed

File sharing

File sharing never been easier. Users can share any document format and some other file formats are also supported.

Share your files with colleagues or customers from your desktop or even your mobile application. You can even share files while on a call, video call or conference.


  • Secure automation for file and folder transfer. Encrypt and transfer large volumes of structured and unstructured data.
  • Encrypt files at rest and in transit. Including key management for fully auditable end-to-end encryption in line with compliance requirements.
  • Go paperless securely and easily. Transfer scanned documentation to a network drive or folder location, securely and easily
  • Restrict file types for upload. Control the kinds of data that can be uploaded, for additional security and control.

Call Recording & Reporting

CDR View

Without monitoring, control and analysis there is no strategy. Wildix offers efficient reporting tools that provide you with the information relative to the call activity of the employees, such as number, duration, type and costs of all the calls received and made by your call agents.

Real-time SLA (Service-Level Agreement) monitoring tool.

The application allows monitoring your call agents’ activity and provides you with the information on the SLA which helps to measure the call center performance.


  • Internal and external call traffic reporting and analysis.
  • Information on the number, duration, types and costs of the inbound and outbound traffic in charts and data grids.
  • CDR-View is helpful to the company management while analysing a particular event or the company call activity in general, or while deciding on the future business strategy.
  • A simple way to add value to your investment.

Click to dial

With Wildix Click to Dial feature you can call co-workers, business partners, or customers through collaboration platform without having to punch phone numbers displayed on your desktop productivity applications or your web browser and instantly place a call to connect and collaborate with everyone.

Streamline Business Communications with Click-to-Dial feature with the proliferation of technology in the workplace.


  • Click to Dial from any browser, Outlook, your CRM or any linked software.
  • Automatic modification of phone numbers to place international calls, dial a co-worker’s extension.
  • Click to Dial from the Persona Menu,to call one of the phone numbers associated with the contact.
  • A simple way to add value to your investment.

Shared Phonebook

Centralised phonebook gives all your employees access to corporate phonebook on any device they use at work.


Mobile extension integrates mobile phones of employees into the corporate telephone system. Today this feature is fundamental, and it is no longer an option, it became a commodity.

Our Mobility service can be easily enabled and customised in several seconds and it offers the following features:

  • Mobile phone and office phone ring simultaneously.
  • Mobile phone rings several seconds after the office phone.
  • Mobile phone rings in particular time slots.
  • All devices registered to your account ring simultaneously or one after another.

Console Interface

Collaboration web interface offers a customizable view of colleagues, grouped by work teams, and provides real time presence information of users. One click is enough to start communication with a colleague.

Online History

Online Call History feature allows all the users to access their call history not only from the handset the call has been made through, the call history will be also available on the collaboration web interface.

  • Outgoing / incoming calls / missed calls (synced on all the devices registered to account)
  • Redial
  • Missed calls notifications (synced on all the devices)
  • Access to call recordings and voicemail messages

Fax Server

Integrated Fax Server: send and receive faxes and SMS via email or Collaboration web interface. T.38 fax over IP protocol.

No more paper faxes thanks to Fax2Mail & Mail2Fax. Save and store faxes in digital format.

Unified Communications with Avandda – the benefits.

☎  Upfront audit to help you understand your current server environment in order to optimise your move to the cloud.

☎  Easy provisioning via our online portal, with human support available to guide you through the process

☎  Fully-managed ongoing service, with proactive monitoring of your platform.

☎  Built on the world’s largest and most reliable public cloud platform – Amazon Web Services.

☎  Full support available to help you migrate your applications and data.

☎  No upfront Capex required with a flexible, no-commitment rental basis.

For further information on unified communications solutions, please conatact us via the form below or call 0300 303 3668 today.

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Why choose Avandda

High Performance – Our Business Telephone Solutions are ideal for companies that need to assure high-performance and eradicate lost, unanswered or engaged calls and the associated lost business opportunities.
Maximise productivity - Provide employees with reliable telephone solution for a better customer service experience so your business can perform at optimum levels of efficiency.
Nationwide Network - We have successful installations throughout the UK. We would be delighted to make an introduction to any of our clients to learn more about how we work and the results we deliver.
Cost saving – We offer a FREE billing analysis where we identify ways to cost-effectively streamline connectivity & upgrade the capability of your communication systems.
24/7 monitoring and helpdesk – Our sevices continuously monitored and supported to ensure consistency of services and immediate action where necessary.
Single Supplier – Reduce your supply chain management overhead and benefit from having just one supplier, one bill and a single point of contact.

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