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Wireless IP Telephony

Introducing Flexible Working With Wireless IP Telephony

Avandda offers the full complement of design, installation and support expertise and experience for wireless IP telephony cabling.

Using wireless IP telephony in the office is becoming increasingly popular. A wireless network cabling installation provides considerably more flexible working, in the office and on the road.

Add Additional Equipment To The Network

Wireless IP telephony installations provide the ability for employees to move around the office or between company offices, safe in the knowledge they will always be able to log into the network, access e-mail servers and the Internet.

New PCs and laptops can be added to the network without the cost and hassle of wiring them in, leaving users free to move around without the umbilical cord of cable.

Further afield employees can even log in to the network from the increasingly numerous wireless hotspots in airports, hotels and coffee shops. This results in a more productive, connected workforce.

Following a wireless IP telephony network cabling installation, Avandda can also offer a range of voice-over IP solutions. The wireless environment allows employees to make telephone calls via the network, wherever they are in the world.

Why not talk to us about the benefits of wireless IP telephony networks and how they might help your business efficiency in the future.

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