SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is an Enterprise Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution. It optimises your secure data connection – your Managed Internet Access or IP Virtual Private Network – so that you only need one connection for voice and data. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking plugs into your existing phone system, replacing your traditional voice service such as ISDN30.

SIP trunking can help you save money by using your data network to handle all your calls so you no longer need separate phone lines.

If you’re looking for a full end-to-end voice service, where we sort you out with everything Cloud Voice is the solution for you.

If you need the flexibility and control of your own phone system – and either already have a phone system or are happy to buy, run and manage the phone system yourself – SIP Trunks are the right choice for you.

Avandda SIP Trunking Provide You With:

  • Reduced call costs
  • Make the most of your existing network investment
  • Reassurance that call quality will never be compromised
  • Keep people connected
  • Extensively tested (for your peace of mind)
  • Market your business with local numbers wherever you are
  • Take your numbers with you wherever you move to
  • Help and support available, whenever you need it

Sip Trunking

With the rapid decline of traditional telephony technology, ISDN, SIP trunking is fast-becoming the next-generation communications solution of choice. In fact, BT have recently announced their plans to cease all ISDN circuits by 2025!

On top of this BT have also confirmed that, as of 1st September, they’ll be increasing the cost of indirect access (IDA) calls by 0.2718 pence. A change that any business using an IP communications solution can easily avoid.
Yet whilst voice services are essential, many business forget that high-quality connectivity is key to a reliable, resilient communications solution.

What is SIP? What is Converged FTTC Broadband?

SIP (or Session Initiation Protocol) is a flexible, Our Converged FTTC Broadband service combines
resilient and cost-effective alternative to traditional assured voice and high-speed internet access over a single FTTC ISDN technology. circuit!

SIP connects your PBX via an internet connection This means you can benefit from a reduction in cost (compared to into a national network which allows your business to buying two separate lines) as well as a robust, speedy internet
seamlessly make inbound and outbound voice calls. service.

Why take your service through us?

We’ve partnered with leading network providers, in order to offer this great SIP and Converged FTTC Broadband bundle.

  • By moving from ISDN to SIP trunking you’ll see increased flexibility and improved business continuity for a predictable monthly cost
  • Get access to free calls to UK local and mobile numbers
  • SIP is resilient; so resilient in fact that it offers customers automatic failover to a secondary site should your primary site experience any issues
  • By switching your connectivity to our Converged FTTC Broadband option, you’ll see increased upload and download speeds, as well as cost savings on your calls and lines

But most importantly, combining these two feature-rich solutions enables you to access a fantastic, ready-made combined voice and data service.

Interested in finding out more about our SIP with FTTC promotion? To discuss in further detail please get in touch.