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Avandda SIP Call Manager delivers a powerful and effective business continuity solution, providing you with the ability to manage the journey of your incoming callers from the heart of the UK SIP Network.

Using your own dedicated portal via desktop & mobile access, call manager ensures all of your calls are routed, queued and managed to ensure that regardless of staff or lines available.



Our SIP Call Manager service is designed to ensure you keep your business communication functioning at its best, no matter what the situation.  We equip you, as standard, with a suite of control tools and features that will not only allow you manage all of your business telephone numbers from one place, but will also enhance the performance capabilities of your existing business telephone systems:

  • Create call plans for each number according to dates, days and times of business hours.
  • Create a choice of destination, press 1 for Sales, press 2 for support.
  • Redirect any call to any phone system, hunt group, mobile hunt group, mailbox or follow on call plan.
  • Queue callers with ad hoc configurable greetings, messages, music or marketing on hold based on number dialled.
  • Provide caller with position in queue, breakout, overflow and voicemail options.
  • Automatically divert calls based on wait times, staffing levels or simply the size of queue.
  • Itemised call reporting detailed for all incoming calls on all numbers with individual call outcome.
  • Live monitoring of calls waiting against any specific number or call queue.


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

This is where SIP lines and SIP call manager delivers, hands down, from a simple system or line fault situation causing disruption to business continuity to a full on disaster recovery scenario where your business premises become unmanned, SIP call manager has it covered.   Through the creation of pre-built, multi scenario call control plans to re-direct your calls to alternate destinations based on number dialled, and prevailing situation.  These plans, can be set to kick in automatically or by instant manual activation via your portal without your callers ever realising there is a problem.

Through our intuitive mobile app, you can access your call plans for each business numbers so you can instantly control their direction and termination.  You can view performance statistics, call volumes and trends.  Also, if an emergency arises where the pre-built call plans are not suitable, you can create a new temporary destination on the fly to ANY telephone number or temporary voicemail service. Thus ensuring complete business continuity and flexible working to benefit customers and employees alike!

At Avandda, we’re experts in our field and we love nothing more than helping clients to get the best possible performance from communications technology.  We include all of the benefits of SIP and SIP Call Manager as part of our converged voice & data packages, enabling you to consolidate all of your numbers into a single, fully resilient platform, enhancing your operation and allowing your communication to be better than ever before.

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