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Cabling Solutions

Offering Structured Cable Installations

In today’s digital age network infrastructure managers have many options when deciding what cabling system to install for their network, we are able to help you by offering an end to end solution for structured cable installations which will support voice and data over Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6a cable networks.

These decisions are usually constrained by budgets and it can be frustrating to find a cost-effective cabling solution and get it all installed within your allocated budgets to support your existing or new phone system.

No Job Too Complex

Avandda have a wide range of experience designing and installing network infrastructures across a variety of different business types and sizes so rest assured that no job is too complex for us to undertake.

Bespoke Cabling Solutions

Using our wealth of experience, we can work with you to create the best cabling solution available to you within your budget and help you to keep your network performing smoothly with the increasing demand for connectivity from mobile devices, driven by the technology advancements made with by mobile phones, tablets and laptops and smart devices.

Most people would assume that wireless has become the preferred option, both at home and in the office place. This is true for the most part, however the reality is that there is still a strong need for a cabling solution to support the wireless access points, your power over Ethernet devices (such as your IP phone handsets).

If you are reconfiguring your network access points or moving into a new office space we can help you to fit your wiring, advise you how many ports you will need and the best places to put these to ease manoeuvrability through the future.