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Planning For Now And In The Future With It Networks

Integrated telecom and IT networks are increasingly becoming an integral part of the overall IT infrastructure of a business, particularly with links to customer management systems (CRM) and call centre technology.

Is Your Voice And Data Network Cabling Struggling?

If your voice and data network cabling struggles to cope with the demands placed on it, your investment can be wasted and your business will suffer. More than 50% of network downtime is as a result of faulty cabling.

A well designed, correctly installed, standards-compliant, structured voice data network cabling system, with a comprehensive warranty programme, is the best way of protecting your investment and allowing for future needs.

Today’s telephony often forms part of the wider IT infrastructure. To provide an inclusive service, Avandda offers a full data network cabling, wiring, design and implementation service incorporating wired and wireless connectivity, together with CAT 5, CAT 6 voice/data cabling service.

We recognise the complexity of ensuring discreet cabling is put in place not just for telecoms but also for your computer networks. Our network engineers can design and install a wide range of network configurations within the main server environments, paying particular attention to ISDN, ADSL, SDSL and Ethernet connections, working closely with line providers, as well as installing leased lines where appropriate.

Multi-Site Connectivity

We can offer wireless networks both for telecom operation and for broadband and network connectivity. We have considerable expertise in creating multi-site connectivity to cut the costs of intra-company communication.

Our experienced engineers combine extensive knowledge of telecom providers such as Samsung, Panasonic, etc., with partners from various IT networks including Microsoft, Cisco, 3Com, Symantec, Dell, and HP to ensure that integration takes place seamlessly.

As a result, clients have the benefit of one port of call for service and maintenance of telecom and IT networks, without potential conflict between suppliers should things go wrong. We are happy to offer a survey of your premises and then quote for any requirement you may have.

Avandda’s trained engineers pride themselves on the quality of their work and in causing the least possible disruption while projects are carried out. We can also offer maintenance support agreements to ensure that your systems enjoy minimum downtime and maximum efficiency.

For more information on voice and data cable, and wiring installations, please contact Avandda on: 0300 3033 668