Computer Telephony Integration System

Helping Office Life Flow Smoothly

An adaptive computer telephony integration system, CTI, makes office life flow smoothly. Everyone has a computer and a telephone — computer telephony makes them work together. The computer telephony integration system enables you to control your telephone from your computer.

Control Your Telephone From Your Computer

Adaptive CTI provides a connection between your computer network and your telephone system. Each user’s PC runs a small software application that knows which telephone extension is next to the computer.

You can dial, answer, hang up, hold and transfer calls at the click of a mouse. The software also reacts to what happens on your telephone, so that your PC can run screen-pop-ups when a call arrives at your extension.

CTI software also provides an easy to use dialog that enables you to see the status of other peoples’ telephone extensions.

Benefits Of The Computer Telephony Integration System:

  • Dialling automatically from your computer is faster and more accurate than manual dialling.
  • You can prioritise important calls and avoid timewasters.
  • You can answer calls on first name terms with the ‘pop up’ information.
  • All missed calls will be listed enabling you to return important calls.
  • Calls can be handled more professionally by knowing which members of staff are immediately available.
  • Screen pop ups prepare the call handler to answer calls efficiently.

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