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Phone System Installation

Following a tried and tested system

When it comes to your phone systems installation there is a smooth flow that we like to follow at Avandda.

Phone System Installation

After we have received your sales order and you are in touch with your project team, they will advise you with an initial action plan.

This will cover;

Following this, our network services team will start to work on any requirements detailed by your project team in line with your project management plan to enable us to install your phone system.

Site surveys are conducted, to make sure you have all the required infrastructure to support your new installation.

In most circumstances, the existing cabling and network infrastructure are sufficient for your new system. From time to time, especially if your new phone system is an upgrade or an expansion from your current system, we may need to add more access points for your telephones to make sure they are supported.

Should this be the case we will let you know of any costs involved in advance and provide you with a quote for the necessary equipment so that you can have everything installed on time without interruption to the schedule.

Before we can make your connections live and install your new hardware, we have one final project meeting to agree on the scope of works and programming design of the agreed systems and services for you.

Once you give us the green light to go, we will deliver the connections as required, install your hardware and set it up to how we agreed during the design phase and then finalize this with some basic user training to complete the handover stage.

Should you need more training or support we can provide you with one of our professional training programmes that covers; User training, Admin Training or Basic Programming to help you get the most out of your system.

Following your installation, you will be assigned a personal account manager who will get to understand your needs as a business and be there to support you through your future of communications with Avandda.