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Support And Maintenance

Ensuring Connectivity

We have all suffered at the hands of a system failure before, you find yourself cut off from your customers, suppliers and data by even a minor problem without any clue as to when it might come back on.

Your telephone system is at the heart of your business and it is vital that it remains at optimum performance.

Ensuring Peace Of Mind

We recommend that a cost-effective telephone system maintenance contract is adopted so that you can have peace of mind that should something untoward occur, whether, with the system or the infrastructure, Avandda can quickly be on the scene to get you up and running with the minimum of disruption.

It can be incredibly stressful when you lose all your phone connectivity and are waiting for an important call, thankfully Avandda provides standard, weekend and 24-hour maintenance cover for telephone systems.

No matter your situation, there will always be someone on hand to fix your service in an emergency.

Our fully qualified engineers cover the whole of the UK, never compromising on quality or service.

Regardless of if you run a small extension telephone system or a sophisticated call centre with a single site or multiple site installation, our highly trained team of engineers provide you with all levels of phone system support to make sure your business can communicate effectively at all times.

We cover a wide range of systems and are always happy to provide a competitive quotation on request.

We always tailor contracts to your own business needs, in accordance with your equipment, software and response requirements.

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