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Should we move to a hosted VoIP system?

Why VOIP systems may be right for you.

The increased demand for mobility and flexibility at the modern workplace or with employees working from home or off-site is making Hosted VoIP telephone systems an ever more popular option for many businesses today.

A Hosted VoIP System by Avandda can integrate multiple communications services – such as instant messaging, presence, voice calling, business telephony, mobility features, audio & video conferencing, files & desktop sharing, call recording and all other collaboration tools – in a single system. These comprehensive capabilities are superior to traditional PBX phone systems, which typically provide only voice services.

When you consider this superiority alongside the capital expenditure in traditional PBX systems, it’s no surprise that many small and medium-sized businesses are moving to Hosted VoIP Systems. Whilst it’s not right for everyone, Avandda offer both options and can advise on the optimum route forward for your business.

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The advantages of Avandda Hosted VoIP Systems.

Increased efficiency

Our Hosted VoIP System will free your business from the constraints of a physical on-premises system so you can drive operational efficiency.

Seamless experiences

The integration of multiple communications and collaboration services spanning fixed and mobile devices, enables you to provide seamless experience for employees and customers.

Work smarter, anywhere

With access to all the information and tools they need – anywhere, anytime – your employees can significantly improve their productivity.

Sharpened competitive edge

We will keep you constantly upgraded to the latest technology and make sure that you stay competitive and don’t fall behind.

Reduced risk

Avandda Hosted VoIP Systems are equipped with built-in resilience and security, to significantly reduce the risk of damaging downtime.

Free up time

Our expert team will keep managing and maintaining the system, so you can focus on growing your business, not your phone system.


If you would like to learn more about our Hosted VoIP Systems and how it could be adapted best for your organisation, please get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team today, or fill the information below and let us contact you.

St Pancras Hotel Group

  Avandda was first contacted through the St Pancras Hotel Group IT company in 2014 to assist with linking their apartment hotel to the main hotel via line of site wireless link. They have been a preferred supplier ever since. See the video testimonial above and details of the projects completed and maintained below. A

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Avandda have for some years worked to create perfect telecoms solutions for Lakeland – the home of creative kitchenware. Check out the testimonial video above or read about the project in more detail below.   The Challenge Avandda first encountered Lakeland in 2008. Their customer service team – based in the Windermere head office –

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Euro Traveller Hotels

We have been involved with Euro Traveller Hotels for some years, continually developing their communication capabilities in line with evolving technologies. We originally took over their systems in Elephant and Castle, Old Kent Road and a new hotel in Harrow. We installed Samsung systems in each hotel, with just under 100 extensions in Harrow, thirty

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Why choose Avandda

High Performance – Our Business Telephone Solutions are ideal for companies that need to assure high-performance and eradicate lost, unanswered or engaged calls and the associated lost business opportunities.
Maximise productivity - Provide employees with reliable telephone solution for a better customer service experience so your business can perform at optimum levels of efficiency.
Nationwide Network - We have successful installations throughout the UK. We would be delighted to make an introduction to any of our clients to learn more about how we work and the results we deliver.
Cost saving – We offer a FREE billing analysis where we identify ways to cost-effectively streamline connectivity & upgrade the capability of your communication systems.
24/7 monitoring and helpdesk – Our sevices continuously monitored and supported to ensure consistency of services and immediate action where necessary.
Single Supplier – Reduce your supply chain management overhead and benefit from having just one supplier, one bill and a single point of contact.

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