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Hosted Telephone Systems:

What is Avandda’s Cloud-based Telephone system?

Avandda’s Hosted Telephony is a cloud-based telephone system that uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to route your calls over the internet instead of via a telephone line, enabling you to have everything a traditional phone system provides, but with one difference: it’s hosted in the cloud.

A Scalable System:

Suitable for businesses of all sizes with single or multiple sites, Avandda can scale the size of the telephone system, from the small single office through to multisite networks, or indeed large corporate headquarters; providing seamless, reliable, predictable and hassle-free communications.

For those businesses with multiple sites, Avandda provides access to Ethernet circuits to ensure maximum call quality, which is securely linked by virtual private networks (VPNs). Avandda’s Hosted telephone system call traffic bypasses the public internet entirely, assuring the quality of your voice service.

  • Unlimited Advanced Hunt Groups & Skill Groups
  • Dynamic Call Routing including IVR and Business Continuity DR
  • Smart Phone & CRM Integration with Desktop Call Control
  • Colleague Presence & Availability
Advanced Features Options:
  • Advanced Business Reporting
  • Professional Call Recording
  • Call Centre ACD Control
  • Reception Console - Small Business & Enterprise
  • Number portability When relocating retain existing phone numbers and add further UK numbers at any time. *
  • Resilience In the event of an emergency or disaster, automatically re-route calls to ensure business continuity.
  • Scalability Introduce new users and services to suit changing dynamics.
  • Administration & monitoring The Hosted Telephony web portal allows an administrator or user to instantly control both the system features and its integrated management tools.
  • Mobility Allocate single virtual numbers to flexible workers and remote employees; so they appear as if they are sitting in the office.
  • Call & line costs Dramatically reduce call costs and savings can be made on line rental costs.

Dramatically reduce costs

No expensive on-site equipment is required, meaning no costly maintenance, servicing or upgrades.

It’s future-proof allowing you to add or remove users as your business changes, without the expense or inconvenience of on-site engineer visits. Eradicate internal call costs with free calls between colleagues with unlimited free on-net calls* whether they’re on mobiles or in the office. 5,000 minutes of calls to UK 01/02/03 numbers and UK mobile networks ** Also if you move your mobile solution to Avandda you can receive free calls from your landlines to your business mobiles.

Never miss a call again

Make your business more efficient and productive. Allocate one single number to users which can be used across all devices. So, whether you’re in the office or on the move, you can take calls on your desk phone, mobile, tablet or PC. Plus as an additional feature, you can have missed calls and voice messages sent to your email inbox.

Peace of mind

To keep your business running smoothly in the event of a disaster, simply log in remotely to manage and divert calls from the office to employees’ mobiles or landlines, so your business can continue to be always-on.

Minimum capital outlay

With fully-owned IP platforms that are hosted in secure and resilient data centres, the only hardware required on site is a managed router, Power Over Ethernet (POE) switch, managed data connectivity, a choice of HD quality handsets and structured cabling, if required.

Maximum flexibility

Hosted Telephony is a modular solution based on the number of users (seats) needed; allowing more seats to be added when required. Simply choose the number of concurrent calls and the functionality required
for each user and Avandda will deliver the appropriate level of managed connectivity.

Why choose Avandda Hosted Telephone Systems:

Easy and simple to manage, Hosted Telephony allows you to stay in control from wherever you are. Simply log in via the online portal on any internet connected device to manage features such as call routing and hunt groups. You can even tailor the functionality quickly and easily by adding call features for users when needed. Experience better quality calls, and reduced background noise, with HD (High Definition) Voice calls.

Easy monthly budgeting with generous monthly call bundle.

With the extensive range of featuresAvandda’s Hosted Telephone System offers, there is no need to worry about missing functionality that is part of legacy physical phone systems. Check out our comparison table to show you the benefits you could have.

If you would like to learn more about how these services could be adapted best for your organisation, please get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team today, or fill the information below and let us contact you.