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Desktop integration software for telecoms

Desktop integration software by Avandda Xchange

The desktop integration software suite extends from the primary server application which includes the Xchange Business client for all connected extensions and desktop users.

Xchange Desktop is a powerful unified communication software suite which integrates seamlessly with your business telephone system and computer networks to deliver game changing performance enhancements to your staff.

desktop intergation on phone systems, Warrington, Cheshire

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desktop integration from Avandda Xchange

Desktop integration software – Business telecoms

Xchange Business – desktop integration software out the box, providing an extensive range of call control features including click-to-dial to internal/external numbers from any digital media, real time colleague presence and availability, live 121 and Group Chat, full call history details, centralised shared address book database.  All inbound calls will present any information known about the caller from an instant database look from your existing contact directories such as Outlook.

Business Plus

Xchange Business Plus – Offered on a per user upgrade basis, this includes all the features of Business and adds an enhanced version of call history, support formultiple user devices, and extends the CRM database integration to include ACT! Goldmine, Maximizer, Microsoft access and National Directories.  Business Plus is also required to support users connected via Citrix & terminal services.

Desktop Integrator

Xchange Integration – Offered on a per user upgrade basis, this includes all the features of Business Plus and increases the capacity of the user to connect to multiple pre-approved CRM systems as well as the opportunity to connect to as yet non-approved or bespoke CRM.


Xchange Mobile is an application for mobile phones and tablets that connects to a Xchange Server enabling dialling and collaboration features between mobile and office users of Xchange.


Xchange Operator is a full screen PC Switchboard (Attendant Console) designed to manage the distribution of large inbound call volumes. Offered on a per user upgrade basis, this includes all the features of Business Plus and increases the capacity of the user to connect to multiple pre-approved CRM systems as well as the opportunity to connect to as yet non-approved.

Summary of Xchange Business Features

  • desktop integrationPresence window allows users to see the extension status of their colleagues. The content of the display itself can be controlled to define and limit which user extensions are displayed. The window also allows a user to make calls to, and transfer calls to any of those extensions.
  • Call Preview Window – When an incoming call is received, Xchange performs an information look up from any configured contact sources and present the information found relating to the caller in the call preview window. This will include their name, company and telephone number, along with details of the number they have dialled.
  • Screen Popping Contact Record – Once the call has been answered, any of the available contact records associated with the caller’s number can be opened by clicking the appropriate icon shown in the preview window. This can also be configured to ‘pop’ automatically if preferred.
  •  Focus dialling will automatically detect fields that contain dial-able numbers and will present a click-to-dial option to the right of the field. If the application field contains more than one potential telephone number, a drop-down is displayed when you hover the click-to-dial icon, allowing you to select which number to dial.
  • Webpage dialling:  Webpages can be scanned for valid telephone numbers and when found, they are turned into hyperlinks to make dialling easy. Also, Xchange can be configured to provide dialling directly from many web-based CRM packages.
  • Clipboard Dialling: Each time you copy a valid telephone number to the clipboard, a windows notification will appear which, when clicked, will dial the number.
  • Bespoke Dialling: Xchange allows developers to add dialling support directly from their applications.  Alternatively, Xchange can often be configured to work with existing applications to save any development works.
  • Messaging & Live Group Chat:  Collaborate in real time with your colleagues via the messaging window, you can have private 121 or groups chats with instant notifications to your desktop.
  • Address book: Provides an easy way for users to search for existing contacts or create new ones easily while on the telephone. The address book is extended to include CRM contacts when integrator is used.
  • Call History: Contains a detailed summary of each user’s recent incoming, outgoing and missed calls. All records include the contact, number, date, time, duration and direction, and all numbers can be click dialled directly from the window list.

Xchange Mobile

Xchange Mobile is an application for your smartphone or tablet that means you don’t have to be “out of office” when you’re out of the office! It connects to an Xchange Server and enables dialling and collaboration features on your mobile device.

Key Dialling Benefits

  • Call colleagues directly in the office even if they do not have a DDI (Direct Dial Inward) number.
  • Take advantage of cheaper (or even free of charge) call rates.
  • Accessing the application’s shared address book allows the mobile user to quickly access and call important external contacts without needing to store each number in the mobile phone contacts list.

Key Collaboration benefits

  • Check the status of colleagues before calling them
  • Update colleagues of your availability from your mobile device
  • Remotely set destination of incoming office calls (for example to a home phone). This could be useful if your mobile device is low on power or you want to reduce the cost of the redirected call.

Xchange Operator

In addition to Xchange Business and Business Plus features, Xchange Operator has the following features and benefits, for ease of use and to give your operator a more flexible platform interface.

Operator Views

“Auto” View: The “Auto” tab will auto-populate the “Recent” section with a list of extensions that have been assigned to the same department as the called extension. The “Auto” tab will also show caller preview data for any integrated CRM/DB application and a customized greeting linked to the dialled DID number.

Select a preferred mode of operation from straightforward mouse driven to standard keyboard controls. Xchange Operator also has a special mode for touch screen operation.

Xchange Operator allows a greeting script and notes to be associated with the dialled number. This information can be retrieved from any database listed under the Integrations option in the Configuration menu.

“Presence” View: Uses a wallboard type view to check if co-workers are available to take a call, are already on a call, or set as DND or if call forward has been set.

Set up personal Presence tabs and configure Xchange Operator to present the tab when a call to a selected DID number is received.


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