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Enjoy more profitable, productive customer relationships with our Contact Centre solutions.

In the quest for improved efficiency and productivity, businesses of all sizes are using technology to automate essential processes and functions.

Avandda’s contact centre solutions offer real potential for costs savings and efficiency gains. Whether you make or receive a large number of calls, it is clear that improving the way calls are handled can bring major benefits.

Answering calls promptly and resolving queries first time will almost certainly lead to higher customer satisfaction levels – and make your employees more productive. In sales departments, automating dialling has a transformative effect on the number of calls each agent makes and the revenue they generate.

Automation has two further benefits: it lets you react instantly to changing circumstances so that you are always in control; and it gives you detailed insight into every aspect of the contact centre so that you can continually fine-tune operations to optimise performance.

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Use automation to power your communications

Contact Centre Software brings the power of automation to customer communications. Whether used in a single department, such as accounts, or in a dedicated call centre, it provides all of the tools you need to transform the effectiveness of inbound and outbound calling:

  • More efficient call handling driven by automatic call distribution;
  • Higher first time resolution rates thanks to skills-based call routing;
  • Improved customer service powered by Computer Telephony Integration (CTI);
  • Proactive performance management based on real-time and historical reports;
  • Enhanced compliance from call recording and monitoring;
  • Faster, more accurate dialling enabled by automatic diallers.

Inbound Contact Centre

Improving the Customer Experience

When people pick up the phone to make a call, they do so in the expectation of receiving a quick, efficient response. In reality, many callers are put on hold, passed from person to person or asked to call back at a more convenient time. Your employees may be doing their best to help, but if a call is not dealt with quickly and satisfactorily it will reflect badly on your organisation and could encourage people to take their business elsewhere.

Our Contact Centre solutions provide software that leaves nothing to chance. It automates every stage of a call to ease the frustrations of phone-based communications. Your customers enjoy better service, and you benefit from greater productivity and enhanced customer loyalty.

Right time, right place

No one likes to be kept waiting for their call to be answered or being passed around or put on hold until someone who can help is found. With Contact Centre, calls are answered instantly and distributed to the right person automatically.

First time resolution. With call routing, agents know the nature of a call before it is received. This makes it more likely that a call will be dealt with first-time, without the need for call transfers or call-backs. Skills-based routing refines call distribution by connecting customers to agents with specific skills e.g. the ability to speak a foreign language. If the most skilled agent is busy, the caller can be put through to the next most qualified agent.

Convenient self-service. Routine tasks can be done without speaking to an agent at all. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) self-service options let customers pay a bill or submit a meter reading instantly without having to wait for an agent to be free. Callers spend less time on the phone and agents are free to focus on more complex interactions.

Instead of treating all customers the same, our Contact Centre Solutions give preferential treatment to certain types of caller identified by number dialled, PIN code, account number or the number they have called from (CLI). Regular callers don’t have to give the same details every time they call and you can answer their calls with a personal greeting. Calls from your best customers or specific call queues can be prioritised to reduce the caller’s waiting times.

Quick connections. An Automated Attendant answers calls instantly and offers a choice of routing options so that callers connect to the right person first time.

Call queues are good for your business

In the best-run call centres, there will be times when callers have to wait in a queue or be put on hold. Our Contact Centre solutions make waiting easier by keeping people informed of their progress and by giving them the option to hang up and take a call-back when an agent is free.

Message announcements. Automated messages reassure callers that their call is being dealt with and isn’t lost in the system. Queue position announcements provide additional reassurance and make it less likely that a caller will hang up in frustration.

Arranging call-backs. With our Contact Centre solutions, customers don’t even have to stay on the line to keep their place in a queue. A virtual queueing feature lets them hang up and get on with other jobs without losing their position. They will get a call back when they get to the front of the virtual queue.

Reduce waiting times. Flexible queue management helps ease customer frustration by refining the order in which calls are answered. Instead of routing calls purely on queue position, you can make decisions based on other factors, such as the waiting time or how many times a caller has.

The Management Challenges

  • Our Contact Centre helps you address key management challenges, from reducing the number of abandoned calls to improving agent morale and customer satisfaction.
  • Automatic call distribution and call routing let you devote more time to the supervision of agents – and enables agents to spend more time on the phone to customers;
  • Detailed reporting provides the insights needed to manage call centre operations and monitor agent performance; and
  • Administrative controls give you the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements and make changes to call centre groups, staff levels and other variables on the fly.

Real-time management console

Contact Centre Software puts you in complete control. An easy-to-use management console lets you manage call queues and staffing levels to shorten waiting times and reduce the number of lost and abandoned calls.

  • Queue management: Intuitive Flow Designer software lets administrators create and modify automatic call routing and queue management workflows using click boxes and drag-and-drop functionality. Quickly and easily change the size of call groups to cope with changing call patterns; or set thresholds to trigger overflow actions.
  • Call overflows: Automatically re-routing calls when thresholds have been exceeded helps cope with unusual call volumes and avoids the ill-will that comes from unanswered calls or long waits. Set limits for waiting times or the number of callers in a queue and automatically route calls to agents outside the group or to voicemail when they are exceeded.

Holistic reporting

Our Contact Centre solutions provides detailed reports on all aspects of call centre activity that lets you run what-if scenarios. Information from other business systems can be displayed on PCs and large format displays.

  • Real-time Insight: Live statistics on ring times, call duration, waiting times, calls received, calls waiting and calls missed let you see at a glance how a contact centre, call group or individual agent is performing. Real-time data, colour-coded for instant impact, enables you to react immediately to changing circumstances, for example by modifying agent group sizes or rerouting calls.
  • Wallboards: Improve agent motivation and urgency by displaying key call data on large format displays. Integration with other databases, such as a sales management system, enables agents to keep track of sales targets and benchmark themselves against top performers.
  • Historical reports: Historical reports provide a longer-term perspective. Analysis of past performance can help you identify spikes and troughs in call volumes and the reasons for them, such as a marketing campaign or change in the weather.

Improve Agent Performance

Contact Centre Software improves agent productivity by automating call set-up and wrap-up and by giving managers detailed insight into the performance of individual employees.

  • Call monitoring and recording helps identify training requirements.
  • Managing agents’ needs increases job satisfaction and improves morale

Performance: Agent productivity is enhanced with CTI features, such as screen-popping of incoming calls and click-to-connect functionality. Screen popping caller information prevents duplication of data and saves time on calls. Auto answering and wrap-up codes detailing the outcome of calls reduce the time between calls.

Agent empowerment: Agents can see personal and group call statistics, call histories and status reports. They can adjust their own status, for example by logging in and out of groups or activating specific Unavailable codes.

Agent monitoring: Managers can see the status of each agent at any time and why they are not available. They can see who they are on the phone to and listen in to calls for monitoring purposes. Call recording provides a useful in-house training tool and backup in case of a dispute.

Outbound Contact Centre

Improving the Customer Experience

The telephone is an important and versatile marketing tool, widely used for sales, data gathering, surveys and customer relationship management. It is more personal than the post or email; it is cost-effective and measurable; and it enables a business to hold a detailed discussion with a customer or prospect immediately. Instead of having to wait for someone to respond to printed or digital communications, it lets you take the initiative.

Yet, the phone must be used with care. Calling too late in the evening or phoning the same person again and again when they have said they are not interested can be irritating. Make too many ‘silent’ calls or phone people who have registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and you could attract fines and adverse publicity.

Make every call count

Our Contact Centre solutions maximise the effectiveness of telephone-based communications, while avoiding the damage that can be caused by uncontrolled and indiscriminate use of call lists and automated diallers.

Silent calls: Automatic diallers boost productivity, but can lead to silent calls if an outbound call is answered and there isn’t a free agent to connect to. Silent calls are at best a nuisance and at worst a cause of anxiety. To comply with Ofcom regulations, Our Contact Centre Software automatically plays a message if no agent is available. Even with this safeguard, the odd silent call may occur. To keep within limits, Our Contact Centre keeps count and automatically adjusts the dialler to keep within the permitted threshold. Silent calls can also be avoided by only dialling once an agent has indicated they are ready to take a call (progressive dialling) or by leaving it up to the agent to dial (call preview).

Better Customer Service

Outbound contact centres are not all about maximising sales and profitability. They also improve customer satisfaction and enable you to respond more quickly to enquiries.

      • A faster response: Diallers can take data from any live ODBC database and automatically pick up sales enquiries or call requests as they come in, removing the need to stop and reload data. Someone who visits your website and expresses an interest in a product or service can be called back instantly from the contact centre. If the CRM system logs a call request, our Contact Centre will make the call at the scheduled time.
      • Personalised profiles: To ensure you don’t call people at the wrong time, our Contact Centre lets you create policies for each type of contact, specifying times calls can be made and how long to wait before redialling if there is no answer. For example, if it is someone’s home number you can specify no calls after 8 pm.
      • Messages and reminders: Not all outbound calls require two-way communication. Sometimes selfservice options are more convenient for customers. Recorded messages can be used for simple reminders, and IVR can be used to submit data or complete phone-based surveys.
      • Call recording: Call recording provides a useful in-house training tool as well as the ability to provide back-up in case of a dispute with a customer.
      • PCI compliance: PCI-compliant processes for taking credit card details give customers confidence that their personal details are secure.

The Management Challenges

Outbound contact centres differ from inbound ones in one fundamental respect: because calls are initiated in the contact centre, managers have total control over when, how and how many calls are made. This puts you in a good position to tackle key management challenges head-on.

Foremost amongst these is the need to increase productivity, measured by the number of calls made or, in sales departments, by average revenue per call. This can be achieved by increasing dialling rates, by boosting the performance of individual agents and by improving the quality of call lists.

Automatic diallers

Our Contact Centres Software provide a choice of diallers that automate call set-up and dialling so agents can spend more time on the phone and less time between calls. Diallers can improve agent productivity by as much as 200% and increase the dialling rate by disconnecting calls that aren’t answered after a pre-set number of rings. They automatically schedule re-dials for the four out of five calls made by contact centres that aren’t answered first time.

      • Call Preview: The simplest option, Call Preview delivers call details and associated information to an agent’s desktop. The agent initiates dialling by clicking the number.
      • Progressive diallers: Progressive diallers increase the call rate by automating dialling, but only when an agent indicates they are ready to take a call. Customers have reported increases of up to 70% in outbound call volumes after installing a progressive dialler.
      • Predictive diallers: The most productive solution, predictive diallers present agents with a live call as soon as they become free. They dynamically adjust the dialling rate based on average call length and the number of agents logged on. When predictive diallers are used, agents typically spend up to 40 minutes of every hour talking to customers, compared to 12 minutes per hour when calls are made manually.

Campaign management

Our Contact Centre diallers simplify campaign management and enhance the quality of call lists and contact databases.

      • Planning: A useful planning tool helps you work out the number of agents to allocate to a campaign or the amount of time a campaign of a certain number of records is likely to take, taking into account factors such as staff break times.
      • Accurate data: Diallers can merge and de-duplicate data from multiple sources, such as .csv and Excel files. Databases are amended automatically when an incorrect or out of use number is dialled, ensuring that records are kept up-to-date.
      • Live wallboards: Our Contact Centre wallboards show live campaign statistics. An intuitive user interface makes it easy for a manager to control every aspect of a campaign, from agent numbers to call-back schedules.

Evaluating and rewarding performance

The productivity and development of outbound contact centre agents can be improved, whether or not automatic diallers are used, by making use of call recording, agent monitoring and historical reports.

Quality Monitoring: Quality Monitoring helps with staff development. Bespoke forms let you score recordings of agents’ calls in a consistent way.

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