Private networks

Private Networks

Wide Area Networks

Traditional business networks are usually costly to maintain and often require specialist staff members along with expensive equipment. This can impact deployment time, and with budgets often already stretched thin within an IT department, lead to frustrations and complications as your business grows and develops over time.

With a wide area network (WAN), you wouldn’t need to buy a new server for your emails and files at each new office, you can just have one at your head office (or in a data centre) and give your employees access through your WAN.

More Benefits of Wide Area Networks

Another benefit of a WAN is because they are usually made up from leased lines and not standard broadband connections, they can usually offer you faster network speeds.

Combining your voice, data and storage traffic onto one secure network, can also reduce your costs as you don’t need to regularly upgrade your storage area network and more often than not it will simplify your business communications set-up, with effective price vs performance.

Our wide area network solutions enable secure access to resources anywhere, anytime, from any device providing our customers with visibility, control and services to SLA’s.

Features & Benefits;

  • High Speeds – 2Mbps – 2Gbps
  • Reliability – 99.8% Network Uptime
  • Easy Setup – Our engineers take care of your connection quickly
  • Flexibility – Wide area networks are extremely scalable which can accommodate growth and site re-location
  • Secure – Our wireless solution uses advanced encryptions to ensure your data is secure
  • Tracking of wireless devices – High value asset tracking
  • Business policy enforcement

We can help you with both MPLS (Multi-Protocol Labelled Switching) Networking and VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service).

We provide a whole range of connectivity services, if you would like to know more please email or call us on 0300 3033 668 to arrange a free site review