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Phone Lines and Business Telephone Numbers

Phone lines and business telephone numbers designed precisely for your organisation.

Avandda offers a wide range of phone line types and business telephone numbers, we appreciate no two businesses are the same in term of their communication requirements.

Reducing Costs and Increasing Productivity

We look to reduce costs on your office phone system, improve productivity and client satisfaction and offer more flexible working practices.

Our range includes:

  • Analogue lines
  • ISDN lines
  • Fibre optic lines
  • Broadband
  • Leased lines
  • Geographic and non-geographic numbers
  • Call packages
  • Return to voice/data networks

By spending time with you, looking at the demands of your clients and the requirements of your staff we can fully understand your individual needs. Evaluating your business telephone numbers and phone lines can make a huge difference to your organisation in many ways. You are assured of our close attention to detail and the utmost in customer service.

Common problems we encounter and solve include:

  • Having more than one office with separate phone lines, incurring huge amounts of telephone traffic.
  • High running costs — this continues to be one of the main concerns with telephone systems, particularly those that have been in situ for some time.
  • Poor functionality — this can lead to low productivity and poor communication, both internally and with customers and suppliers.
  • Lots of staff working outside the office — many clients find calls to mobiles can significantly increase costs. We can configure your system and mobiles so that these calls are free as part of your bundled package.

There are many different options available to the modern business. This enables us to design solutions specifically to suit the precise demands of your business, whatever your size.

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