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Converged FTTC – Prioritised Voice and Data Managed Broadband

Converged FTTC Broadband is the superfast alternative to ADSL and ADSL2. Where available, this service represents the best value high-speed Internet access connection and is also offered at the best speeds available from your local exchange based on distance and contention.

Converged FTTC is the fully managed variant of standard FTTC and combines both Voice and Data on a single high-speed connection prioritising all voice traffic to ensure quality of service. The total number of concurrent calls supported range from 30-75 calls per connection based on the speed of your line from the exchange and the codec used by your IP telephony service.

Whats included?

  • Unlimited Data Usage.
  • Managed Cisco router.
  • 24 hours network level performance monitoring.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) 24 hours max.

Suitability for:

  • SIP Telephone lines.
  • Hosted Telephone Extensions.
  • General internet access.
  • Cloud/Hosted data services.


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