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FTTC Ethernet (Dedicated Superfast Broadband):

Avandda FTTC Ethernet Broadband service utilises existing broadband and Ethernet network infrastructures to provide a cost effective yet reliable and fully guaranteed Ethernet based solution. Similar to standard Superfast Broadband (FTTC), FTTC Ethernet connection uses the existing copper infrastructure between the customer’s premises and the cabinet and then fibre from the cabinet to the exchange.

However, unlike standard FTTC your traffic then passes directly onto the network rather than the standard, contended, broadband network. FTTC Ethernet therefore provides a dedicated and uncontended Ethernet based service with symmetrical speeds of up to *20MB – subject to distance from exchange.

  • Speeds Available: up to *20MB downstream and *20MB upstream – line distance dependant
  • Connection Type: Synchronous
  • Dedicated or Shared: Dedicated
  • Service Level: Guaranteed 9 Hour Fix

Improved Suitability for:

  • Leased Line Alternative
  • SIP and VOIP Services
  • Unified comms platforms such as MS Lync
  • Cloud Based Services such as MS Office 365

The benefits of Avandda Ethernet:

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