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Choosing the Right Business Broadband for You

We are dedicated to finding the correct business broadband package for your company. Having the most suitable plan can make a huge difference to your business and how it is able to operate.

We appreciate businesses have different needs to consumers;  running multiple PCs, uploading files to your website, and backing up your server all adds up to high monthly downloads.

For this reason, we have a number of business broadband packages available to suit your needs.

Which Broadband service is right for your business?

What kind of business broadband do you need?



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We take into account the size of your business and the requirements you have. We have a small business package which is ideal for people working from home, within a small organisation or a company who have little demand on the internet.

We have an additional business broadband package available, which is suitable for organisations that require a larger bandwidth for use with applications such as VoIP (making phone calls over the internet), FTP transfers (uploading files to websites) and uploading larger files such as images.

If your business depends on the internet, in addition to ensuring you have the correct package to help you get the most out of your internet use you need to ensure your broadband service is dependable and trustworthy.

We address many of the concerns about running a business online, or being reliant on the web for information or communication purposes – we go the extra mile;

  • Our priority network access could give you faster downloads than the average download speeds. Priority network access means that your web traffic will take priority over other things being sent over the same lines, improving your connection and giving your customers a better experience when they visit your website.
  • A static IP address offers a multitude of benefits, from being able to connect to your office PC from home to running a secure FTP system to share files with colleagues and clients.
  • We provide priority technical advice and customer support to help resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

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