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Business Call Packages

Reduce the Cost of Calls

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering the added benefit of reduced call charges to our portfolio. Business call packages to benefit you and your business.

Through carrier pre-selection or CPS, your calls will be routed over an alternative, cheaper carrier – reducing the cost of your calls.

Save on local calls and call to mobiles and abroad*

Let us carry out a detailed analysis of your latest telephone bill and give you a quote with your new, proposed rate, business call packages tailored to your organisation.

How do we do it?

*We use LCR (least cost routing) and CPS (carrier pre-selection) to help you save money on your calls.

Least cost routing is where the telephone system has the inbuilt intelligence to work out the cheapest method of connecting calls. For example if you are making regular calls to a specific destination, the system will look at tariffs and relay the call via the cheapest carrier at any given time. And if you currently connect offices via a private digital circuit, the system will identify dialled numbers within these locations and prevent them from being made over the more expensive public network. In this way, you save money and make the best use of the resources you have in place.

Another means of cutting costs is to adopt carrier pre-selection, whereby our systems will automatically re-route your telephone calls away from your line provider and go via a low-cost alternate carrier. You still maintain your line rental with the original provider, but benefit from reduced costs and the flexibility to move to the best deals as appropriate.

Don’t wait for your bills to escalate, contact us today for a quote or telephone 0300 3033 668.

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Why choose Avandda

High Performance – Our Business Telephone Solutions are ideal for companies that need to assure high-performance and eradicate lost, unanswered or engaged calls and the associated lost business opportunities.
Maximise productivity - Provide employees with reliable telephone solution for a better customer service experience so your business can perform at optimum levels of efficiency.
Nationwide Network - We have successful installations throughout the UK. We would be delighted to make an introduction to any of our clients to learn more about how we work and the results we deliver.
Cost saving – We offer a FREE billing analysis where we identify ways to cost-effectively streamline connectivity & upgrade the capability of your communication systems.
24/7 monitoring and helpdesk – Our sevices continuously monitored and supported to ensure consistency of services and immediate action where necessary.
Single Supplier – Reduce your supply chain management overhead and benefit from having just one supplier, one bill and a single point of contact.

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