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Avandda Data Connectivity Suite

Avandda Data Connectivity delivers the performance, reliability and security that businesses need to make effective use of today’s multi-media applications and cloud-based voice & data services.

We offer access to a comprehensive range of data connectivity solutions to serve the operational and commercial needs of any size of business or organisation.

From the simplicity of standard ADSL and FTTC broadband to fully managed converged voice & data services and dedicated Fibre Optic/Wireless Ethernet offering speeds of up to a head spinning 1000MB (Gigabit).

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Why Avandda Data Connectivity?

  • Fully managed, monitored and administrated by our security professionals

This saves you the investment cost and effort of having to resource this in-house. We’ll take responsibility for the implementation so that you can focus on running your business with the peace of mind that you’re protected from external threats.

High availability design as standard

Increases the service availability and resiliency level providing you with continuity in the unlikely event of a hardware failure.

Secure remote access

For roaming, homeworkers and secure site-to-site connectivity – your staff can access key business systems and applications without compromising the security of the private network and exposing sensitive and intellectual property to an attack.

Application level visibility and control

Offers sophisticated insight, down to an application level, showing which sites staff are viewing and how much network capacity they’re consuming. You can control or limit usage which helps to reduce network costs, boost productivity and ultimately improve the performance of your business.

IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) single pass packet inspection

Identifies malicious content as well as known and unknown vulnerability exploits in applications and websites. This provides you with advanced levels of protection against vulnerabilities in well-known business applications and web browsers, without exposing your business to being exploited or impacting performance.

Antivirus, anti-spyware/malware

Scans applications, website URLs, web content and email content to protect against viruses and malware that may be trying to penetrate the network to steal data.

Operating from a database containing thousands of threat signatures means you are protected from a wide range of threats that could cost your business significant financial and reputational damage.

URL filtering

Controlling staff access to non-work related surfing and blocking access to compromised sites helps to reduce malware attacks and increase staff productivity.

File and data blocking

Provides granular levels of inspection by reviewing individual traffic packets (rather than just file extensions) of the files and data being sent both inside and outside of the network.

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Business Broadband

Low cost, high-performance broadband for your business needs.

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Call Packages

Simple cost effective call packages.

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Phone Lines

With a wide variety of competitively priced phone lines, we can always find a solution for your business.

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Private Network

If you have a business that is based on multiple sites, see how a Private Network can help you.

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Euro Traveller Hotels

We have been involved with Euro Traveller Hotels for some years, continually developing their communication capabilities in line with evolving technologies. We originally took over their systems in Elephant and Castle, Old Kent Road and a new hotel in Harrow. We installed Samsung systems in each hotel, with just under 100 extensions in Harrow, thirty

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Social housing group

The client – a local Social Housing Group. Avandda worked with a supported living temporary accommodation for vulnerable young people and families – a 24/7 managed facility.

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Venue Cymru

See how Avandda helped Venue Cymru, the iconic theater in North Wales, to deliver efficiency and save money, by upgrading all lines from the traditional ISDN lines to SIP (VoIP) lines.

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Why choose Avandda

High Performance – Our Business Telephone Solutions are ideal for companies that need to assure high-performance and eradicate lost, unanswered or engaged calls and the associated lost business opportunities.
Maximise productivity - Provide employees with reliable telephone solution for a better customer service experience so your business can perform at optimum levels of efficiency.
Nationwide Network - We have successful installations throughout the UK. We would be delighted to make an introduction to any of our clients to learn more about how we work and the results we deliver.
Cost saving – We offer a FREE billing analysis where we identify ways to cost-effectively streamline connectivity & upgrade the capability of your communication systems.
24/7 monitoring and helpdesk – Our sevices continuously monitored and supported to ensure consistency of services and immediate action where necessary.
Single Supplier – Reduce your supply chain management overhead and benefit from having just one supplier, one bill and a single point of contact.

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