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How Will Brexit Impact The Telecoms Industry?

Broadband vs Ethernet the business buyer's guide

Office Telecoms Relocation Checklist


How Will Brexit Impact The Telecoms Industry?

29th January 2019

How Will Brexit Impact The Telecoms Industry? We will not talk here about whether Brexit is a good or bad idea, but will talk neutrally about how the telecom sector is likely to be affected should the UK leave the EU on the 29th March 2019. Firstly, let’s agree that with about £57 Billion, the


Broadband vs Ethernet the business buyer’s guide

16th January 2019

Download our eGuide ― Broadband vs Ethernet, The business buyers guide to see: The importance of internet for the SME’s. The Broadband Options. The Ethernet Options. Which option is right for you? Broadband vs Ethernet – The verdict. Submit your details to receive our eBook:


Office Telecoms Relocation Checklist

Download our eGuide ― Telecom Relocation Checklist to see: Four to Six Months Before Move. Two to Four Months Before Move. One to Two Months Before Move. One months Before Move. One Week Before Move. On the Day of The Move. Submit your details to receive our eBook:


Introduction to Business Communications

9th January 2019

Download our eBook ― Introduction to Best Practice Business Communications to see: What type of telephone numbers should you have? Who, where and how to answer incoming calls? Making calls to clients and prospects. When you are busy, unavailable or closed. Submit your details to receive our eBook:


How Do Unified Communications Work?

7th December 2018

As we explained in our previous blog, unified communications used to gather all the Softwares and Applications that any business require in day to day use. If you are looking to learn about unified communications and what it is please read our previous blog. In this blog we will show you how Unified Communication works by


Free Expert Review eBook

3rd December 2018

Download our eBook ― Free Expert Review & Costs Analysis to see: What are the review elements? What the review will do for you? Our promise. What our customers say about us? Submit your details to receive our eBook:


What is Unified Communications (UC)

23rd November 2018

Understanding Unified Communications (UC) and Voice over IP (VoIP) and how they transform your business. If you are a business owner, or involved in business telecommunications, you have definitely came across the term (VoIP) which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. If you don’t know much about VoIP, read our previous blogs – VoIP vs


This Is More Than Just a Phone System

22nd October 2018

The Real Productivity Gains of WebRTC Unified Communications A new phone system is always a reason to celebrate – particularly if your last update was a decade ago or more – but sometimes the features that are most useful get overlooked or lost as your team adapts to your new tools. A new Unified Communications

Case Studies

Unified Communications for The Financial Services and Banks

14th August 2018

Unified Communications for the Financial Services and Banks Loyality and Profitability Some of your customers prefer online operations. Think of them, improve your customer relationship with Avandda Unified Comms! Avandda and Wildix technology brings your online services to the new level and allows your bank to provide professional customer support also online. HOW DOES IT

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