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Telephone System Project Management

Ensuring your move runs smoothly

We have the experience of many business moves, which is why lots of our clients prefer to use our telephone system project management facility.

Have you the time to manage an office move?

Changing or installing a business telephone system can be a time-consuming business, a fact we know as well as anyone. Often, in fact, the telephone system itself is often the least of the concerns, when faced with:

  • Making sure that the line provider makes the necessary adjustments
  • Ensuring the line provider adds lines in time
  • Understanding users’ needs
  • Minimising the disruption to everyday activity during cabling and installation
  • Ensuring that lines are moved and operations are transferred without a missed call or lost order

All of this requires a steady nerve. We take away the hassle and time and what our clients really appreciate, is that we do it all as a part of the service, without making a charge.

We are also partnered with like-minded firms to offer a range of services, such as office space planning, office refurbishment, and furniture and cable management.
We even offer security and CCTV systems with telephone-controlled door-entry systems if required. Again this can be offered as a single-point-of-contact project-managed option.

So Avandda makes every move as smooth as possible, saving you from getting hot under the collar. Stay cool, contact Avandda today