The increasing speed of technology has bred impatient and demanding customers who want to interact quickly, get answers and make purchases efficiently.

Whilst the Internet has accelerated this facility in general terms, the pandemic and the lingering WFH phenomenon seems to have led to longer call times, difficulty in getting answers and ultimately consumer frustration – try getting a passport at the moment for example!

As with any persistent problem, this gives opportunities for forward looking companies to really steal a march on the competition.

These days prospects want any number of touch points. They may want to phone you, or complete a contact form on your web site, they might want to start a chat session, even develop a video call, even send pictures or diagrams. The companies that will beat the competition are those that can seamlessly accommodate these desires.

Web sites are no longer online brochures with a contact page. The good ones are intent on developing a dialogue, providing answers to questions a consumer may have (ideally before they ask them) and provide a range of contact options to suit the differing aspirations of a visitor.

Whilst a detailed telephone with a consultant may be what is required for one customer, a simple chat exchange to confirm a detail prior to purchase may be the most efficient solution for another.

At Avandda, we work with the award winning Wildix unified communication system to provide clients with all the tools needed to respond quickly and efficiently to customer enquiries.

Inbound sales calls can either be to a centralised number where calls can be distributed to a relevant department. Alternatively, from a web site a consumer can choose the relevant person or department, see in real time whether they are available and contact them by phone, text or chat, even with the option of video call where appropriate.   

These contact points can even be placed on specific web pages to be directed to relevant experts and departments relating to the content, so visitors get to interact quickly with your organisation.

Customers no longer have much patience, so by the time some people have managed to get through to a competitor, you will have already secured the business.

All our contact systems will connect seamlessly with the majority of CRM systems to ensure an even more efficient ‘enquiry to customer’ journey.

Why not talk to Avandda today and make sure your prospects are always talking to you.

Needless to say, you can make contact with us right here.

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