Whilst many businesses rightly concentrate on external communication, making sure customers and prospects are adequately serviced, in many cases good practices here can be badly let down internally.

How many times can a reasonably simple customer request become difficult to satisfy, just because you can’t get hold of the right person or the right piece of information?

It is frustrating and time consuming for the staff and doubly so for the customer who may as a result seek the answer from a competitor elsewhere.

Whilst many an answer could previously have been gleaned with a quick question across the office or a scribbled note passed between colleagues, we now face a different working environment, especially in bigger organisations.

Whilst some people may be working in the office, some will be working from home, some will be on the road or in meetings. Knowing not only who can answer that important query, where they are and whether they are available has become much more complicated.

At Avandda ,we’ve been working with progressive companies to bridge this information gap and help employees interconnect with colleagues much more efficiently to enable them to service clients and prospects effectively.   

We have been setting up one browser applications that allow an employee to easily see their colleagues, where they are and whether they are available.

Once established, they can then choose a voice call, a video call, a text, and email or a live chat to communicate quickly and appropriately. This can be viewed from PC, laptop, tablet or phone and wherever you are in the world. Answering a sales question, checking a part number, or stock availability is now at your fingertips.

For more detailed information the system allows the sharing of documents, including joint editing, the ability to voice and video conference and present plus, as you would expect, it can be linked seamlessly to most customer relationship management systems.

Powered by voice over IP, the system is easy and intuitive to use and cuts call costs to a minimum, whilst connecting your employees literally worldwide.

No wonder more and more of our clients are moving to this form of unified communications, taking the humble telephone system to a completely new dimension.

It’s power and simplicity are best experienced with one of our free demonstrations available now.

Why not experience the future in internal communications – contact us today and we’d be delighted to help. Contact us however suits you here.  https://www.avandda.co.uk/contact-us/

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