For some years, here at Avandda, we’ve helped multi-site businesses to communicate effectively using broadband technology to eradicate the cost of communicating between different centres.

Whether this was branch offices across the country (or indeed the world), or even separate buildings in close proximity, customers would no longer have to make external calls to effectively communicate with their own internal people.

Multi-site environments can now stay connected just like being in the same office, thanks to VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) technology, saving a business the capital and operating expenses related to the purchase, management and maintenance of a premise-based system.

It grows with your business, is always up to date and secure and can be used from anywhere, using any device with internet connection.

Whilst we were always aware of the growth of home and remote working, the pandemic has accelerated everyone’s thinking.  

The need, not just for multi-site connectivity, but also to connect what can be described as micro-sites, such as single people working from home or communicating on the move, has opened up the whole area of unified communications.

Now we can help businesses create bespoke communication, not only to suit their regular business practices but also to react quickly and flexibly to the needs of workers to locate in new or multiple places and to communicate and meet online, wherever they are stationed. Even where this may be a mix of office, social hub, home or mobile working.

For inbound callers – customers, suppliers and associates, they need not know where the recipient is currently located, and calls can be answered, forwarded, sent to voicemail, even recorded as before.

Colleagues will maintain their internal ‘extension’ numbers and can talk to each other quickly and cost efficiently.

Already, all of this is possible from our single browser application. Imagine a solution where on one screen, your team has immediate access to audio and video, text chat, conferences, documents and presentations.

In live time, wherever you are worldwide, you can see the availability of all members of the team and either chat message them or with one click make an audio or video call. Bring in other people to conference, share screens and documents, even make a presentation.

In other words, recreating the virtual office. Everything the team needs to work, collaborate and make decisions – all in one place. Without having to swap in and out of multiple applications.

There is absolutely no doubt that the current pandemic has altered the way we work, almost certainly for ever. Companies are going to have to be much nimbler in their approach to keeping teams connected and focussed.

Flexibility and the ability to adapt will be vital in maintaining the desired levels of service and productivity going forward.

At Avandda, we believe we have the tools and, as importantly, the detailed expertise to help assess communication needs for companies, not just now but into the future and help them make the right decisions going forward.

We’re always happy to chat through options and provide free demonstrations of how we can be of most assistance.

Why not contact us or call 0300 303 3668 today.

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