When we talk to prospective clients, it is obviously rare that a blank canvas is provided, with most people already having some form of systems in place.

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This may not just be an existing telephone system which needs upgrading, but they may also be looking to integrate with one of the more popular CRM systems that have developed in recent years.

The pandemic has also seen a rise in the amount of ad hoc software commandeered, often from the consumer market, to help maintain team communications short term, with many people working from home and/or remotely.

Some of these, whilst popular, such as Zoom, are, from a security point of view, not really at an adequate level for detailed business communications where integrity of data and communication is paramount.

As a result, we are inevitably asked why they might need our Wildix unified communications solution and if so, how can it work with, or replace, legacy systems already in place.  

Everyone needs office workers to be able to talk, e-mail and chat, have meetings with colleagues and customers, share documents together, even make online presentations.

We make this possible; not just in the office but also at home, on the road, on mobile as well as desktop – making the business tick in exactly the same way as before – if anything more effectively.

And all from a single browser application.  In live time, the availability of all members of the team can be seen, allowing staff to chat, or with one click make an audio, video or conference call.

Everything the team needs to work, collaborate and make decisions – all in one place. Without having to swap in and out of multiple applications.

For many starting afresh, this is already proving to be a game-changing, all-embracing solution allowing new levels of productivity and efficiency.

However, those built-in collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams do ask us how this can benefit them too. Whilst Teams does have many benefits, it is not renowned for its simplicity and moving between the various software packages within Office 365 can be onerous. As importantly, it does not offer a facility to make calls currently from within the system, unlike our system.

However, using Call2Teams integration we can link up to existing Teams set up to provide this required level of functionality, allowing you to make, receive and transfer calls from inside your current Teams set up and expanding capabilities out into call management control, call reporting and recording, without any additional Microsoft programming. 

The system also offers integration with many of the other well known CRM systems such as Lotus Notes, Infusionsoft, Salesforce, Zoho and many more.

We firmly believe that our one browser Wildix application is at the forefront of providing an at a glance means of office communication for the future.

Alternatively, it also provides the facility to turbo-charge any system you already have in place and may ultimately allow you to see the power of our system and make more and more use of it as time goes by.

Whatever your current arrangements, we would encourage you to take advantage of our FREE demonstration to show you how simple it is to operate and the full breadth of its capabilities.

Talk to us today on 0300 303 3668 or complete an enquiry form and take your communications to the next level.

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