The hotel industry, let’s face it, have been one of the main casualties of the pandemic, but as guests now begin to return, hotels need to keep putting their best foot forward.

The industry prides itself on the customer experience and those that maintain high levels of service and efficiency will be those who are first to benefit in a post-pandemic world.

So where does the humble telephone system fit into this picture? Gone are the days when the telephone was a guaranteed additional profit centre, guest’s mobiles have put paid to that.

However, they remain central to a hotel’s operation and customer experience, and these days in more ways than ever.

Room phones remain the means by which guests talk to the main reception and vice versa, with added functionality such as alarms and wake up calls, with direct dial and auto attendant options to reach specific parts of the hotel such as room service, spas, restaurants, and the like. Covid restrictions and isolation have heightened the need for effective phone communication throughout the hotel environment.

As well as providing these services, new systems allow phones to be allocated against a guest, allowing staff to greet customers by name and have all details of the guest available to them during the call from bookings systems and CRMs. This can include information on whether the guest is a regular or first-time visitor, any notes on preferences or requirements etc, allowing staff to interact in the most appropriate and efficient way.

There is also the facility to leave voice mails for clients when they are away from the room, they can ‘direct-dial’ fellow travellers in other rooms and in case of dispute all calls to staff can be recorded.

But it’s not just the guests who can benefit from a modern system. Keeping staff connected is vital too especially in fast moving environments. Whether tied to a desk or mobile direct dial numbers can reach individual team members wherever they are, also utilising internal voice mail and text messaging where required.

This is especially important where multi-sites are involved where staff can be in a variety of locations. Even mundane tasks such as housekeeping advising staff of when rooms are available for guests can be done automatically from individual room phones at the touch of a button, speeding up the process and avoiding unnecessary confusion.

We believe we can really offer hotels large and small what we call the Avandda advantage. Not only can we offer all the functionality indicated above, but our experts can ensure that the infrastructure to run it is highly efficient, cost effective and future proof.

We can combine robust cabled infrastructure combined with high-speed broadband and guest and staff wi-fi solutions, which are so much a part of every hotel’s wish list these days, in order to satisfy customer demand.

Using cloud-based telephony, we can set up systems quickly and create a highly flexible system that can be moulded to your requirements from day one. We can also connect to sister hotels via the cloud to cut down on internals calls and reduce the cost of ongoing billing and maintenance into the bargain. 

If you’re looking to improve efficiencies and productivity, enhance the guest experience and keep costs under control, it’s time to talk.

Why not contact us or call 0300 055 3355 for a no-obligation chat. We’re always happy to talk.

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