Every company seeks to optimise customer satisfaction, not just to process and complete on today’s sale, but also to create a launch pad for future business.

The big increase in e-commerce and online selling, exacerbated by the pandemic, has undoubtedly made a salesperson job much more difficult. Converting a prospect into a customer needs every effort a sales rep can put into the deal. To achieve this, they will either need to spend much more time on each potential prospect or requires better, more efficient, agile tools to satisfy customer requirements.

Here’s a simple scenario to illustrate the point.

You’re a sales representative for an office chair manufacturer, and you have a very promising buyer lined up. This buyer (say “Happy Ltd”) needs to furnish their office with chairs from your company. Already, you have figured out how many chairs they need, what design they like and other basic (yet important) information.

Suddenly, just when you think the sale is finalised, Happy Ltd emails you a last-minute request: “Can you make all of our chair covers in red, to match our redesigned office?”

It should be a simple change.

But, while scrambling to address their question, you cannot get a hold of anyone who can alter the sales order, because everyone in the department is going to voicemail. You’d change the document yourself, but you’re having trouble finding it amid your cluttered laptop files and are unsure if it would even be the latest one.

And though you could reach out to the R&D team, you don’t know their schedules, and you’ll likely spend the rest of the day reaching ‘busy’ signals.

In the end, you don’t have any way of promising the buyer that you’ll carry out their simple request.

And, naturally, Happy Ltd suddenly become less than happy. They no longer see you as fast and capable. They just see you as unprofessional and disorganized. And a worry for the future. The sale collapses around you.

So, what could have saved this sale? The answer is, having the whole team connected seamlessly by a system that adapts your communication and add all the tools of collaboration.

Avandda can plan and implement a Wildix communication system that gives your team all the tools needed to provide an extraordinary customer experience, every time.

It connects all your essential teams, too, from sales team to operations and even to the people in the factory. Whether a customer is calling to purchase a product or ask for help, they get a seamless experience from start to finish, moving from one device to another and one department to another without disruption. Team members can see exactly who is available in real time, using voice, text, chat and video call and can access updated and shared documentation and have information at their fingertips whether in the office, out on the road or even working from home.

Demonstrating to potential customers that you are always in control, knowledgeable and flexible at all times.

We call it the Avandda advantage – a communications system from which our clients are already seeing the benefits.

Easy to implement and competitively priced, isn’t it time you saw the plus points too. We offer FREE, no obligation demonstrations at your convenience.

Why not take a look now. Contact us or call 0300 303 3668 today. And start making your customer experience front and centre of your operations.

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