It is amazing to think how a health emergency, completely unrelated to business or technology, could have such a profound effect on the way in which businesses will, in all probability, think and act in the future.

Flexible working and working from home used to be something that businesses dabbled with as a concept. Some firms tried it reasonably successfully, but it simply was not seen as something that could, or would, be adopted to any great degree.

Too difficult to implement, too difficult to control, no accountability, lower productivity – all were cited as reasons why not.

And yet here we are, doing it because we must and realising in many cases that we could have done it years ago and reaped the rewards.

It does not work for everyone and there are still many challenges, but it is not going to go away, even when vaccines provide a route back to normality.  

Of course, lots of businesses will probably return to the office, but we should not be surprised if a lot of workers having been relieved of the daily commute (and the attendant costs), having seen more of their family and in many cases getting more work done, have important views on the matter.

What is for sure is that companies who put temporary measures in place to keep the team talking, will now need to think carefully about how they can evolve into the new world. A world where workers work from everywhere, including the office on occasion, but need a ‘grown-up’ system to keep in touch seamlessly irrespective, of location or communication device, whether that be phone, mobile or desktop. 

Multiple devices login

At Avandda we believe we hold the key. A system operated from one browser that delivers, voice, video, chat, and document sharing – all in one place. We call it our Avandda Advantage.

The first browser-based telecommunication platform which offers an easy way to communicate with colleagues and customers, thanks to all the features you need: chat, presence status, video and audio calls and desktop and document sharing.

No jumping between different apps and logins, no incompatibility issues, no security concerns – just a user friendly one screen opportunity to do business even more effectively, irrespective of location or device.

To discover the first complete business package designed to increase sales, contact our sales team today and benefit from ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL offer. We can offer a fast online demonstration to quickly show you how simple and cost efficient this solution can be.

The genie is out, the genius is in making the most of the opportunity.

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