There is no doubt that everyone is missing close contact with friends and family in these strange times. We can only hope that some sort of resolution is in sight, now lockdown is beginning to ease.

Of course, it is not restricted to our private lives. In business whilst increasingly more interaction is done by phone and e-mail, there is still no substitute for ‘pressing the flesh’.

Ask any salesperson and they will tell you that being able to gauge reaction to a sales argument is very much part of the skill and much more difficult to judge on the phone.

Video calls and video conferencing go a long way to bridging the gap and in these days of social distancing and travel restrictions it has become an important tool in a company’s armour.

Traditionally it has been complicated to set up, requiring additional equipment and skills and whilst it put people face to face, trying to also make presentations or share information was even more of a challenge.

At Avandda, we are currently demonstrating a one browser system that we believe makes the whole process so much simpler and incredibly cost effective. We call it our Avandda Advantage.

Imagine a solution where on one screen, your team has immediate access to audio and video, text chat, conferences, documents, and presentations.

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In live time, wherever you are worldwide, you can see the availability of all members of the team and make a video call. Bring in other people to video conference, share screens and documents, even make a presentation.

In other words, recreating the office environment virtually. Everything the team needs to work, collaborate, and make decisions – all in one place. Without having to swap in and out of multiple applications.

So, whether you want to eyeball a client, a colleague or a supplier, a face-to-face encounter is simply one click away. Making communications, presentations, and negotiations so much easier to control and interpret.

Avandda are already generating extensive interest in this new and innovative way of working and have already installed systems into forward looking companies who are reaping the benefit of this new fresh way of working.

We are offering FREE demonstrations currently, in which you can see the future for yourself.

Why not book a demo today. For more information call 0300 303 3668 or contact us.

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