It is said that necessity is the mother of invention and without doubt the Coronavirus pandemic has tested all our powers to adapt like no other.

Workers, who have been forced to stay at home for one reason or another, have had to muddle through, with help from their employers, to keep the wheels of commerce moving. 

This incredible shift of working practices may well be the catalyst for long term change as businesses not only realise that there is scope for retaining this in the long term, saving costs for workers and employers alike, plus benefits in work–life balance and in some cases improving productivity.

Offices will not, in all reality, be abandoned completely and many will return to previous operations, but real flexibility has now been proven and will surely form part of the mix.

But how is it achieved?

Some businesses will have found that the cost of additional mobile calls and reimbursing home phone calls is a burden both financially and administratively.

In the first instance, the simple addition of a VOIP phone in a staff member’s home, effectively makes them a part of the internal phone system, with their own short extension number overnight.

But these days there is so much more that can be done to help team members collaborate and develop supplier and customer communications.

Avandda have been at the forefront of developing sophisticated yet simple tools to allow this to happen – we like to think of it as the Avandda Advantage.

However things pan out, it is vital that a collaboration environment exists, irrespective of location, so that the feel of a workforce working as one is maintained.

We offer a one browser solution that allows your staff to talk, e-mail and chat, have meetings, collaborate on documents, make presentations, and hold conference calls.

And this can be achieved from a home worker’s home, on the road, on mobile, as well as desktop – making the business tick in exactly the same way as before – if anything more effectively.

Imagine a solution where on one screen, your team has immediate access to audio and video, text chat, conferences, documents, and presentations.

Being cloud based, it is extremely flexible and at surprisingly low cost. Why not see the future today and embrace this new fresh way of working?

We are offering FREE demonstrations right now, so why not book one today.

For more information call 0300 303 3668 today or contact us.

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