Over the years, Avandda have helped hundreds of companies move offices ensuring a smooth transfer of telephone systems to a new site, often with useful upgrades along the way.

Whilst we will no doubt continue to do this, the latest pandemic has perhaps changed for ever the way in which companies are going to plan and develop their team communications and collaborations in the future.

A new world has developed which, whilst it still may involve the office as a central hub, staff will be enabled to work and collaborate wherever they are.

They might be working from home, they might be in a coffee shop, on the road, at meetings (eventually!) or conducting online interactions with colleagues, suppliers, and customers. They might be at a desktop computer; they may have a landline or VOIP phone connected to the internal phone system. They may be on a tablet of a smart phone – but wherever they are and whatever they need to do, location should not be a problem.

As Covid played out, companies inevitably made short term decisions and cobbled together various software options to ensure they could keep working – however this meant staff were often trying to grapple with a number of different applications, swapping to and fro, perhaps missing some communications along the way – it was a useful Elastoplast but not really a long term solution.

As we enter a brave new world of communication, we believe we can offer something we like to call the Avandda Advantage.

We can create an online collaboration environment that can rival being in an office together and mirrors that experience as closely and as seamlessly as possible.

Your staff can talk, they can e-mail and chat, they can have meetings, they can pore over documents together, they can work on sales figures, they can make presentations and of course can expand this out to the supplier and client chains.

And this can be achieved with from a single browser application from a home worker’s house, on the road, on mobile as well as desktop – making the business tick in exactly the same way as before – if anything more effectively.

Imagine a solution where on one screen, your team has immediate access to audio and video, text chat, conferences, documents and presentations.

Costs can be low and based on a per person, per month rate allowing for the ultimate in flexibility. Indeed as a cloud based system, we often see significant reduction in line costs especially where multi-sites are involved. 

Avandda have installed systems into forward looking companies who are already reaping the benefit of this new fresh way of working.

We are offering FREE demonstrations currently in which you can see the future for yourself. Why not book a demo today. For more information call 0300 303 3668 or contact us today.

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