How to reduce business telephone bills

Business overspending is one of the top reasons causing businesses to collapse. With many big names already having fallen, others have started trying to find as many ways as possible to survive.
Cutting costs is always a priority and telephone bills could be the one thing where most businesses are unaware that they are spending far above what is required, often as a result of a rapid move in telecom technology.

We will try to give you some key information that will help you improve the way you communicate and save money.

Moving from ISDN to SIP

This is the subject that all businesses are talking about now; but why?

British Telecom has announced they are cutting support of the traditional ISDN lines by 2020, and a complete service cessation by 2025.

The best available alternative for ISDN are SIP lines, which some people refer to as VoIP telephony. Now thanks to BT, many businesses who were afraid of taking steps in this direction are now coming to realise that it is a do-or-die decision to maintain good telecommunications infrastructure.

The features and benefits of SIP lines:

• Free calls to UK landlines and mobiles
• Personal and Department direct dial numbers
• Day/night Call Routing
• Desktop call control
• Unlimited hunt groups
• Call recording and call reporting
• Network level call control

Keeping operational costs to a minimum without having to compromise on quality is where our SIP services excel. On average, we can reduce your monthly costs by more than 50% compared to ISDN lines. SIP lines are completely scalable, allowing you to easily add and remove lines quickly and easily, so as your team evolves, your phone lines can too.

Upgrading to Cloud-Based Telephone Systems (VoIP)

Hosted telephone systems offer huge benefits to SMEs.

Avandda have found, however, the lack of knowledge about the implications and uncertainty of the right approach to the transition means that many SMEs don’t feel confident enough to make the move.

There’s a good reason cloud communication or VoIP is a trending buzzword among businesses. By moving away from on-premises telephone systems, companies are discovering new, streamlined methods of communication, while reducing several risks.

Here are six ways moving to the Cloud will save you money, time and resources.

1. End costly support & maintenance
2. No more expensive downtime
3. Scale to meet demand of business growth
4. Eliminate buyer’s remorse
5. Stop technology headaches
6. Cost-effectively add new features

Cloud communications can help your business benefit from significant cost savings.

How Avandda can help

Avandda have expertise in both on premise and hosted telephony and can provide sales neutral advice and guidance on the best way forward for your business.

We believe in a consultancy approach, examining the way your business works now and indeed may wish to function in the future. As a result we can assist you on the best way to reduce your telecommunications costs and ensure you have optimum functionality and flexibility going forward.

Get in touch and a member of our team will take you through the steps that could make the best impact on your monthly bills and improve your business communications.

Contact us or call 0300 303 3668 now.

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