The client

A local Social Housing Group

Avandda worked with a supported living temporary accommodation for vulnerable young people and families – a 24/7 managed facility. In these environments there are often times when individual members of staff need to attend potentially dangerous or threatening situations, whilst working alone.

All staff are issued with long worker communication fobs to enable them to alert the support monitoring service to their whereabouts when entering potentially risky situations.

In addition this provides the ability to generate an emergency phone call between the lone worker and the monitoring service.

The challenge

Due to the limitations of the local mobile and wireless network, it was found that fobs could not be relied on to guarantee coverage and connectivity across all areas of the complex. This was potentially putting staff at risk with no means of emergency contact and communications and had led to a lack of staff confidence in the reliability of the fobs.

The solution

To provide an independent communications system with dedicated and  resilient 100% connectivity and signal coverage across the campus for individual lone workers’ portable telephone handsets. The solution ensures that each lone worker can now register their presence and generate a red alert call to the monitoring service from anywhere. The system also provided internal communications between staff, full external telephony features and functionality. It provides much greater peace of mind for staff and management alike.

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