Did you know?

  • Global Phone fraud costs are estimated at £25.5bn per year
  • The United Kingdom is the third most targeted country in the world with £1.2bn costs for Toll Fraud alone
  • As a form of organised crime, as well as fraudsters, toll fraud can have links with drug dealers and even terrorists
  • Statistics prove that an estimated 84% of UK businesses are not safe from hacking
  • What’s worse – it’s on the rise with a 15% increase per year
  • Regardless of whether you have analogue, digital or IP based system, fraudsters can hack in and gain access to your phone system in seconds.
  • By the time a company discovers this, it’s too late and the hacker has racked up potentially tens of thousands of pounds in fraudulent calls.
  • An average cost to a victim of a UK attack is currently estimated at £10k and this can be undetected until the phone bill arrives

What steps can a business take to help prevent Toll Fraud?

Install a Toll Fraud Application to your System.
They needn’t be expensive – Avandda has built in solution to secure your system.

Contact us now to know more.

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