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Our existing customer Malatite, who we have a long-standing relationship with, bought Signature and wanted to integrate their communications in line with Malatite’s, this would provide them with cost savings and a more efficient telephony service as an already existing user of AA, we discussed options available and decided to replace the very old Samsung DCS system for a more updated OfficeServ and utilize the IVR functionality to distribute the calls in a more efficient manner.

A completely new system at Oldbury, with a system upgrade in Chesterfield to allow interconnectivity between the 2 sites. We additionally implemented hot desking for the directors on the sites in Scotland, Chesterfield and Oldbury. A fully IP Samsung OfficeServ 7100 system utilizing SIP trunking, all IP handsets and Samsung’s proprietary inter system networking service (SPnet), between the sites in Oldbury and Chesterfield to allow intersite dialling and transfer, allowing better call distribution and allowing staff to be utilized more effectively.


Most importantly the previous system at Oldbury was over 15 years old and unable to take IP technologies, it was also unable to link the 2 sites, this meant that each call/transfer between the sites was the cost of an external call and took up 2 lines per transfer. Joining the 2 sites together meant that staff across both sites could answer their calls easier and transfer without any additional costs.


Mostly, the ability to “hot desk” was greatly appreciated by the Managing Director and Financial Director who can now be reached by the same telephone extension number, regardless of their location by simply logging their extension out from their handset when they left one site and then by logging back in via the telephone handset once they reach their new site or desk. Utilising SIP trunks has significantly reduced their call costs, by integrating their telecoms solution we have been able to distribute calls effectively and give them the ability to transfer calls between sites at no additional costs.

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