Brierley Care offer residential care, dementia care and home care service to the Clitheroe area. Having been a customer with Avandda for more than 6 years, when they decided to extend their premises they came to us to have their new cabling connected and tested to regulatory standards.

The newly built areas needed telephone extension outlets in each of the new build bedrooms and in the newly built staff areas, so that each of the rooms could have a direct external number, giving the residents the ability to maintain a level of independence and make keeping in contact with their families easier.

At the back end of the network we connected all of the new cables onto a new 16 port patch panel, tested and labelled all of the new sockets to ensure that they could easily be identified then, connected analogue extensions into each of the rooms and staff areas. Ensuring that they were all equipped with hearing aid compatible large button handsets so as to make sure the residents.

The system used was the existing Samsung OfficeServ 7200 as it had remaining space for all the new areas, we renumbered new extensions into the existing numbering range, connected and tested all the new telephone extensions in the rooms to ensure they worked correctly, then allocated new handsets to the specified rooms onsite.

We brought the new build rooms up to the guidelines laid out by the owners, in order to maintain a superior quality of life for the residents, connected the residents to the telecoms network, kept health and safety regulations met and removed the need for staff having to use personal mobiles when in the area, this ensures the privacy of the residents.

Brierley Care were very happy with the level of service offered and with the extra help offered by the engineer onsite when cables that had been installed by the builder weren’t marked correctly with designation numbers.

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