The number of  people who work from home is increasing all the time, with companies benefitting from reducing both travelling costs and time.

But how do you make sure those workers are kept fully in the loop, and as importantly, how do you make sure that to the outside world, everyone is working seamlessly? A popular, efficient and current answer is what is called hosted telephony.

Many businesses large and small are converting to IP based phone systems. Hosted telephony is an IP system that is hosted in a data centre allowing companies to connect with their remote or home based workforce.

Multi-site environments with up to 50 extensions are able to connect under a single unified dial plan, this service saves business customers the capital and operating expenses related to the purchase, management and maintenance of a premise-based system.

It grows with your business is always up to date and secure and can easily be moved to another location when necessary. It is certainly something to think about!

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