Voice mail solutions, Voicemail system, Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool, UK
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Voice mail solutions

Voice mail solutions, Voicemail systems, Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool, UK

Voice mail solutions tailored to meet your business requirements.

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During the last few years the basic functionality of voice mail solutions has changed significantly and has now become increasingly intelligent. 

There are major gains to be taken by receiving accurate and timely messages from customers. There are various voice mail solutions available that can integrate voicemail with e-mail, providing Auto Attendant to answer and direct callers or intelligently routing callers or fax messages. Each individual member of staff or department can personalise their greetings and call routing can be changed according to time-of-the-day, day-of-the-week, CLI, and DDI, so that greetings and call routing can be customised for callers, users and groups.

Further voice mail solutions are available to allow users to instruct the system to try their alternative locations, so that the voicemail can attempt to put calls to their mobile, home, or any other alternative number. Should the call fail to be answered, it can then be routed to the voicemail so that the caller can leave a message. Voicemail messages can be converted to e-mail and transferred to individual mailboxes and Blackberry’s. This allows users to access all their messages regardless of the original medium used. This also enables users to copy, forward or store messages on their laptop or PC for future reference.

It is also possible, with the press of a button, to record an on-going telephone conversation to your voicemail box. 

There are various voice mail solutions available so we will always be able to meet your business requirements to ensure that seamless and efficient running of your organisation.

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