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Phone System Supplier - Business Benefits

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why avandda?

Avandda Voice & Data is a phone system supplier that believes telecommunications is a vital business tool, at the front line of customer service and business efficiency. And yet its importance in securing and retaining business is often sadly overlooked.

How many new business calls do you lose through slow response? How many customers get fed up with not getting answers fast? Do engaged tones suggest that you're not staffed up to cope?

You need a phone system supplier who really cares about the performance of your business.

A phone system supplier that provides business communication solutions

We have, through extensive consultation, continually addressed the day-to-day needs of modern business. As a leading phone system supplier, UK based,  we supply leading edge telephone systems, tailor made for your needs. We pride ourselves on the quality of our advice, providing a coherent business solution, rather than the 'hard sell' approach adopted by so many in our industry. We look at the demands of your clients plus the needs of your staff and the business. We look to reduce costs, improve productivity and client satisfaction and offer more flexible working practices.

Recent features we have implemented to our business phone system and which have proved of benefit include:

1. Voice mail and call diversion to ensure clear communication lines at all times.
2. Automatic direction to relevant departments for speed of response.
3. Callers prompted to dial direct number thus handling many calls simultaneously.
4. The option to record important or contentious calls for future reference.
5. Cost effective provision of extensions to allow selective home working, whilst still part of a firm's fully featured internal and external systems.
6. Use of separate direct dial numbers for prioritising new business calls and monitoring marketing campaigns.

We also believe in transparency. As a phone system supplier only, we do not try to package the system up with a line charges agreement to hide the true cost of the hardware. We always quote for the stand-alone system but are happy to help you with line and call charges separately.

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